Journal articles dedicated to Edgar E. Russ

A nice article about me on Graz’s Grazetta

04/08/2014 Grazetta, Graz magazine, publishes a nice article about me, my work and my instruments. The text is in German 😉

Sarasate speaks about me!

13/06/2013 here's an article on the japanese music magazine Sarasate! It speak about me, my instruments and my workshop in Cremona: Unfotunately the text is in japanese....

Stradivari’s secret doesn’t exist

11/06/2013 Cremona, 7th February 2013 I was the interpreter during the seminar held by Brigitte Brandmair. Brandmair is an important and well known expert of varnish. She explained that Antonio Stradivari had not any varnishing [...]